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Important Facts You Must Know about City and Guilds Courses in Delhi

Important Facts You Must Know about City and Guilds Courses in Delhi

The academies of pastry arts in Delhi operate as pastry schools of international repute, offering City and Guilds courses in Delhi in baking, pastry making and confectionery. These academies are completely focused on offering well-designed and exceptionally hands-on pastry programmes aiming at churning out the skills and the talent of budding entrepreneurs and pastry chefs.

These academies have evolved as hubs for patisserie education in India, with students of these academies representing India in some of the most prestigious pastry competitions across the globe.

Kind of Courses and Course Curriculum at Academies of Pastry Arts

The academies providing City and Guilds courses in Delhi NCR provide two types of programmes in baking and pastry.

  • They have full-time programmes which are professional skill-based.
  • Then there are even part-time programmes for students who do not have ample time to give to the full-time course.
  • The full-time courses are suitable for those looking to become professional pastry chefs in some of the biggest hotels or those dreaming of opening their very own boulangerie or patisserie.
  • The full-time courses in bakery and pastry-making are meant for complete beginners. However, the classes start with setting the basics of baking and pastry making right and then teaching the advanced cuisines and techniques.
  • French cuisine and European trends are mostly followed, with the courses being designed on French pastries.

The best thing about the full-time and part-time courses in bakery and party making is that they are certified by City & Guilds, London and are highly regarded not just in India but around the world.

Subjects Covered in the Pastry and Baking Courses

There are different subjects covered in the pastry and baking courses certified by City & Guilds, London. They are:

  • Role of different bakery ingredients
  • Introduction to bakery
  • Bread making procedure
  • Quality testing of bakery products and ingredients
  • Cake making
  • Pastry making
  • Biscuit making
  • Making of different bakery products
  • Changing the recipe and taste of bakery items for people with special nutritional requirements.
  • Packaging and labelling of pastry and baking products
  • Quality and production of breakfast cereals, malt and macaroni products.
  • Food law and food safety
  • Entrepreneurship development in the industry for bakery
  • Practicals- checking bakery products and raw materials
  • Instrument handling
  • Laboratory demonstration

These courses are perfect for candidates looking to get a basic understanding of bakery and even those looking to pursue baking and pastry making as a career.

Specialisations Available

There are varied specialisations available for taking up City and Guilds courses in DelhiNCR. These specialisations include:

  • Cake baking: The specialisation focuses on baking cakes for different special occasions.
  • Frosting: It is the art of preparing the icing for the cake and decorating it with the icing.
  • Patisserie: The field includes French pastry and puff making.
  • Confectionery: It is a shop for candies, sweets and chocolates.


The syllabus for the City and Guilds courses in Delhi NCR can vary based on the type; of course, the student takes up. If you want a course syllabus that teaches students as per their level of understanding, Tedco will be the right destination for you.

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