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Online Professional Chef Diploma

Online Professional Chef Diploma

Online Professional Chef Diploma

Our Online Professional Chef Certificate program offers an instructor-guided path that is completed entirely online, at your own pace. Whether you are looking to learn new cooking techniques, increase your confidence, expand your repertoire, or change your health, our learning path will help you reach your goals.


Course Information

Our learning videos are close-up featuring the cooking technique instructions you need to be successful in the kitchen. Our content includes a variety of video types such as technique focused lessons, step-by-step video recipes, and instructional videos on other topics.
Students will watch video, read text, interact with visual learning assignments, upload and share photos, interact with the learning community, submit instructor-graded assignments, attend live lectures with TEDCO instructors, and even complete fun interactive quizzes.
The content is delivered completely ONLINE with various modes of learning and assessment, including hundreds of instructional videos, interactive quizzes, instructor-submitted activities and practical in-house assignments graded by our senior chefs.

  • Opportunities
  • Certification
  • Culinary Foundations Level 1
  • Culinary Foundations Level 2
  • Further study opportunities in 40 countries including Canada and New Zealand
  • International Internship opportunity in France, Mauritius and GCC countries
  • Industrial training opportunities and Placement assistance provided by Tedco
  • Rouxbe Online Cooking School Culinary Certificate
  • Tedco School of Culinary Arts Certificate
  • World Chefs Certification (Additional Fee and Documentation required)
  • Knives, Knife Cuts & Knife Sharpening
  • Food & Kitchen Safety
  • Dry-Heat Cooking Methods
  • Moist-Heat Cooking Techniques
  • Stock Fundamentals
  • Seasoning
  • Basic Plating
  • Nutrition in the Kitchen

Salads & Vinaigrettes





Rice & Grains






Baking Basics & Breads

Pastry Basics


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