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Diploma in Bakery and Pastry Arts

Join us for an exclusive and intensive 1-year Diploma in Bakery and Pastry Arts, meticulously designed to provide over 600 hours of comprehensive training. This course is led by experienced IHM faculty, world skills gold medalists chefs Saurabh Baghel and David Shukla, offering a unique opportunity for students to learn from masters in the field. Under their personal teaching and guidance, along with our team of skilled chefs, students will receive individual attention and acquire advanced skills and knowledge in bakery and pastry arts.

Embark on an adventurous journey into the world of exquisite flavors and expert bakery and pastry techniques. The course encompasses a wide range of modern trends, including working in a professional kitchen environment that adheres to international safety standards. The program focuses on practical skills while providing the essential theoretical knowledge, with ongoing assessments throughout the course.

To further enhance the learning experience, students will have the chance to undergo a 6-month Industrial Training program in either a prestigious 5-star hotel or a renowned bakery kitchen after completing their course. Additionally, selected candidates will be offered the opportunity for a paid 6-month internship in renowned bakery and pastry arts locations around the world, including France, Germany, and the UAE.

Enroll now to join our exclusive program and unlock your potential in the art of Bakery and Pastry Arts. We will guide you on a transformative journey that lays the foundation for a successful career in the culinary world.


Additional Benefits


Regular Campus Visits: Our campus welcomes reputed chefs, hospitality academicians, training managers, human resource managers, and learning and development managers from renowned 4/5-star hotels across India. These visits provide students with valuable insights and networking opportunities with industry professionals.


Industrial Visits: As part of the curriculum, students will have the opportunity to visit 4/5-star hotel kitchens, allowing them to gain first-hand experience and a deeper understanding of the real-time work environment in the industry. These visits provide practical exposure and help bridge the gap between classroom learning and industry practices.


Demonstrations by Food Development Professionals: Students will have exclusive access to demonstrations conducted by food development professionals from renowned brands like EuroFoods, Callebaut, Unox, Veliche, Rational and many others. These sessions offer insights into the latest ingredients, equipment and cooking techniques used in the culinary world, keeping students up-to-date with industry advancements.


International Career Assistance: Our industry experts provide comprehensive assistance and guidance to students interested in pursuing international careers. From exploring opportunities to offering advice on necessary preparations, students receive support every step of the way to help them achieve their goals on a global scale.


Our comprehensive qualification encompasses various essential aspects of the culinary industry. It equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge in the following areas:


Safety at Work: Students learn about maintaining a safe working environment in the kitchen. This includes understanding and implementing proper hygiene practices, following safety regulations, and handling equipment and ingredients responsibly.


Food Preparation: The course covers the fundamentals of food preparation, focusing on techniques, methods, and best practices. Students acquire the skills to handle ingredients, utilize appropriate cooking techniques, and understand the principles of food storage and preservation.


Healthy Eating and Special Diets: With an emphasis on promoting healthy eating habits, students gain knowledge about nutrition, balanced diets, and the importance of catering to special dietary requirements. This includes understanding allergies, intolerances, and specific dietary restrictions to provide suitable meal options.


What does the qualification cover?


Costing and Menu Planning: Students learn the art of effective menu planning, taking into consideration factors such as cost, ingredients, customer preferences, and dietary needs. They acquire the skills to create enticing menus while considering budgetary constraints and maintaining profitability.


Preparation, Cooking, and Finishing: The course covers a wide range of commodities and dishes, allowing students to develop expertise in preparing, cooking, and finishing various culinary creations. They learn about flavour combinations, presentation techniques, and the art of bringing out the best in each dish.


By acquiring these comprehensive skills, students are prepared to excel in the culinary industry. Whether aspiring to work in professional kitchens, hotels, or even establishing their own ventures, our program equips them with the necessary foundation to succeed in the dynamic and diverse world of culinary arts.

  • Career Pathways
  • Theory Modules
  • Practicals
  • Duration
  • Certification
  • Eligibility
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Job / Internship Opportunities in 5-star hotels, Leading Bakery & Pastry shops, Cafes in India & Abroad
  • Work in Central / Cloud kitchens for popular bakery chains
  • Understand the hospitality industry
  • Safety at Work
  • Food Safety in Catering
  • Baking and Pastry Equipment
  • Basic Baking Principles
  • Pastry Basics
  • Assembling and Decorating Cakes
  • Cookies and Chocolate Techniques
  • How to Setup Your Patisserie Business
  • Classic and Artisan Breads 
  • Prepare, cook and finish Viennoiserie
  • Prepare, cook and finish French, American, and English Cookies and Biscuits
  • Prepare, cook and finish Petit Gateaux
  • Prepare, cook and finish Classic French Pastries
  • Prepare, cook and finish Entremets
  • Prepare, cook and finish Wedding Cakes
  • Prepare, cook and finish Chocolate and Truffles

12 Months - 6 Months Classroom & Practical Hands-on Training + 6 Months Industrial Training

City and Guilds (UK)

10th pass and above. Fluency in English language (verbal/non-verbal) required

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Additional Benefits

Regular campus visits by Reputed Chefs, Hospitality Academicians, Training Managers, Human Resource Managers and L&D Managers from 4/5* hotels from all over India

Industrial visits to 4/5* hotel kitchens to help the students understand the real-time work environment in the industry

Opportunity to attend demonstrations of various equipment and cooking techniques by Food Development professionals from brands like Rational AG.

Complete assistance on international career by industry experts

What does the qualification cover?

The qualification covers both safety at work and the preparation of food, healthy eating, and special diets, costing and menu planning and the preparation, cooking, and finishing of a wide range of commodities and dishes.

What Qualification Will I Get?

Diploma Certificate of Level 2 IVQ Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking (Patisserie) from City & Guilds, London.

Certificate of Completion from Tedco Education (TGCA) School of Culinary Arts

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed via regular internal examinations both written and practical.

Final assessment is done by City & Guilds with international standards of exam regulations

Documents Required at the time of admission?
  • 2 Photocopies of Adhar Card
  • Photocopy of all educational certificates including 10th and/or 12th class mark sheets
  • 6 coloured passport-sized photographs
  • Residence proof

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