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French Patisserie Course: An Intensive and Exclusive Course for Students Looking to Become Professional Chefs

French Patisserie Course: An Intensive and Exclusive Course for Students Looking to Become Professional Chefs

The French patisserie course is an intensive and exclusive course taught for more than 450 hours. This 7-month course is delivered by expert and popular patissier Chef Sahil Mehta through Tedco. For the first time, such a renowned chef like Sahil Mehta has collaborated with a school of culinary arts to share his knowledge and skills with students. One thing that makes this course exclusive is its bath of just 10 chosen students who will be taught at a time by the renowned chef. Chef Sahil Mehta has done this to offer his attention to each candidate taking up the course while having a clear idea of their progress through a team of speciality chefs.

During the Course

  • During the course, the students can enter an adventurous ride in the world of expert baking procedures and exquisite flavours.
  • The students will grab a clear understanding of modern-day cooking, including how they must work in professional kitchens while following international safety standards.
  • On the part of the students, it will be necessary to display practical skills and related knowledge for completing the assessments.
  • Once the students complete the course, they can go to bakery kitchens or 5-star hotels for industrial training for 3 months.
  • Students will also get the scope of doing a 3 to 6 month paid internship in France- the patisserie capital of the world.

Important Facts about Chef Sahil Mehta

Chef Sahil Mehta, the celebrity chef offering the French Patisserie Course at Tedco, is the first certified pastry, chocolate and bakery expert in India. He finished his early education in Paris and has also graduated from Santos Dumont Paris in hotel management.

He possesses good training in Flambage, Decoupage de fruits de Mer et Fromage, Blind Chocolate testing, bar management, patisserie management, restaurant management and innovative pastry creation.

Chef Sahil Mehta has worked with Salon Wilson, Roland Garros, Unesco and Travellers Club. After his return to India in 2010, Sahil Mehta worked toward changing the scene of the bakery industry in India, and he has even established several bakeries throughout India.

Tedco Education is proud to partner with chef Sahil Mehta to curate and teach the French Patisserie Course, which is named French Patisserie Masterclass by Sahil Mehta.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity After Course Completion

Students who successfully complete the French Patisserie course will have some of the best entrepreneurial opportunities open to them. These include:

  • Work opportunities in pastry shops, cafes and 5*hotels
  • Work opportunities in the central kitchens of some of the most popular bakeries throughout India and even abroad.

The Theory Modules of the Course

Theory modules of the French Patisserie course include:

  • Food safety in catering
  • Understanding the hospitality industry
  • Pastry and baking equipment
  • Safety at work
  • Pastry basics
  • Basic baking principles
  • Chocolate and cookies techniques
  • Assembling and doing up cakes

If you want to set up your own patisserie business in India or abroad, taking the French Patisserie course at Tedco Education will be the best bet for you. The course will help you acquire the techniques and methodologies that make French pastries popular across the world.

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