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Picking the Best Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts in Delhi

Picking the Best Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts in Delhi

Looking for the best institute of bakery and culinary arts in Delhi? If yes, then your search will end here. But before that, let’s have a word on cakes and bakes! Cakes are delicious, but bakes can take a toll on your energy and your time. Baking a cake can be difficult. That’s because it’s an art that requires proper knowledge and precision. You need to have your hands on it only after learning from professional bakers. Only then it will be possible for you to bake awesome cakes on your own. And yes, if you want to make a career in baking, then it’s a must for you to join a baking institute without fail.

Let’s have a look at some of the best institutes of bakery and culinary arts in Delhi:

Tedco School of Culinary Arts

Tedco offers long-term and short-term certificate and diploma courses in culinary arts and bakery. It is probably the best institute of bakery and culinary arts in Delhi, boasting of the finest of teachers available to polish the students’ knowledge. It serves as the perfect destination for baking enthusiasts to enhance their dedication to the highest standards of teaching.

The institute offers students the chance of learning the exclusive and exquisite art of baking and cooking with its long-term and short-term courses. It gives students the scope of stepping into the real world and getting hands-on training in well-known hotels and restaurants. And yes, there is 100% placement assistance available to the students.

The intensive and exclusive 4-month patisserie course offered by Tedco has gained huge popularity. That is because of the top quality guidance and training coming from the popular Patissier, Chef Sahil Mehta. The course is available for an elite batch of just 10 selected candidates at a time. So, there’s personal attention offered to each student.

Academy of Pastry Arts

This premier institute offers some of the best courses in patisserie and pastry baking customised as per the requirements of the students. The Basic Certificate in Pastry & Baking Arts course of 3 months is perfectly suited for beginners. Then there is the 6-month diploma course that offers intermediate-level knowledge to the students.

Baking enthusiasts also can go for the 9-month Advanced Diploma course in baking to fine-tuning their skills. All the courses available at this academy will train students and offer them the skills needed for creating the most delicious cakes and pastries.

Assocom Institute of Bakery and Technology Management

This baking institute in Greater Noida offers a PG Diploma course in bakery and technology management and various other programs. The baking courses and programs designed at this institute are specifically aimed at helping individuals specialise in technology management and bakery. There are all-inclusive courses also available for the postgraduate studies of the students looking to make it big in pastry baking.

GD Goenka School Of Hospitality

The diploma courses in baking and culinary arts available at this institute are quite exciting. Even this institute can be ranked as the best institute of bakery and culinary arts in Delhi because it is not just that the students study to serve as pastry chefs. They are also into learning and understanding concepts that can further help them show international professionalism in their work.

The 2-year baking course of this institute is quite commendable and beneficial. It ensures out of the box thinking for the students regarding flavours and designs that serve as the key to top quality pastry making.

Asian Academy of Culinary Art

The Asian Academy of Culinary Art is all about learning the techniques and the tricks that go into baking lava cakes, cheesecakes and tiramisu. Students can remain assured of learning to bake a lot more of such wonderful cakes over a time span of 3 months by undertaking the certificate course in baking at this institute.

Indian Institute of Culinary Arts

The diploma course offered by the Indian Institute of Culinary Arts is the most perfect and best-suited course for those looking to gain good training and experience in culinary arts. The courses here are delivered in the perfect blend of theory and practical classes covering all the finest details of patisserie, baking and cooking. You can learn everything that you need to serve as a professional baker or patisserie.

Final Words

There is no art as creative as baking, but it is also an art that requires patience and practice. You can gain good skills in baking only if you enroll yourself at any of the institutes detailed above.

To be more precise, Tedco would be the right place to gain baking and patisserie related education. That’s because the place boasts of good quality faculty and top of the class teaching standards.

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