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Diploma In Patisserie Delhi Ncr

Progressive learning and understanding of baking techniques at TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA)

If anyone is looking for a baking career, Patisserie's diploma is the suitable confectionery course to opt for. With this, one can start their hotel or be part of a catering service. In this, it would require knowledge of the hospitality sector and ideas on hotel management. To start a career in pastry requires a diploma in the stream as it would help them acquire in-depth knowledge of the course and bakery tips.

Not all pasty culinary schools offer suitable help as promised, and so, you need to enrol with one with years of experience and have records of excellence in the past.

What all is included in the diploma course?

The students enrolling in the diploma study program will learn about cake making, fruit tarts, make pastry dough, and learn decorations for cakes from sugar. The program would help them acquire in-depth knowledge about the instructions to follow and how it impacts the end result. Other than this, the diploma course would include the following:

  • Detailed methods of baking
  • Bread making
  • Preparation of wedding cakes
  • Making or tortes and plate desserts

The diploma is about learning tricks and tips in bakery, pastry making, and confectionary arts that require understanding the latest equipment's instructions and use. It would help get suitable results by the use of the correct amount of the ingredients of baking. This is only possible when enrolling in an intensive bakery program with TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA). It offers a Diploma in Patisserie in Connaught Place to have the best culinary education and learn about the tricks in detail.

Eligibility for Diploma in Patisserie

  • Age limit – The student should be 18 years old and above to register for the diploma course
  • Educational qualification – The aspirant should have a high school diploma or equivalent qualification to be eligible for the diploma course.
  • Language fluency – The applicant should have command of English, with fluency to speak the language.

However, to enrol with a diploma In Patisserie Delhi, students need not have any prior experience in a bakery or culinary skills. With interest in the same, the diploma would help hone the skills better in the hands of industry-level experts in bakery and pastry making.

What is the objective of the diploma study program?

The main idea of the study program is to emphasise the fundamental learning of baking and making French pastry.

  • Understanding and learning the methods of contemporary desserts
  • Master the art of pastry making
  • Understand the importance of ingredients and their correct portions
  • Acquire professional techniques to work with chocolate and sugar in the best way possible
  • Maintain top hygiene and safety measures which are important when working in a professional kitchen

After completing the diploma, the student would acquire knowledge on safety at work and prepare the food, special diet food, indulge in healthy eating routine, planning for menu, and its costing. In addition, it is about cooking, the preparation process, and the essential cooking items and dishes used in the process. The diploma would cover ideas on all these and help an individual become a competent individual in the field.

Additional benefits of the course

  • Reputed chefs like Sahil Mehta, renowned academicians, HR managers, training managers, and other renowned personalities would visit TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA).
  • The education centre has an industrial kitchen set up to offer better facilities for learning and mastering the culinary arts in a real-time situation.
  • Our demonstrative programs to help students know about tools and utensils would help them acquire in-depth knowledge in the field.

However, if aspirants are planning to pursue a career in the international field, they will get a paid internship program of 3-6 months in France. The intensive program would help you get a better perspective on baking and tips and use it later on in your career.

What is the duration of the diploma program?

  • 4 months
  • 3 months of delivery that include classroom theory and practical knowledge with 1 month for industrial training

The overall training program would help students grasp better insight into the subject and understand the tactics well. Aspirants will get diploma certification in preparation and cooking from our culinary school. Upon completion, TGCA will provide the students with the opportunity of working in a bakery kitchen or 5-star hotel.

What is the diploma course for?

It is designed for the aspirants who are interested in the bakery and want to proceed with the same in a career in the future. The diploma program would help them learn about the basics and the techniques better.

  • For people who want to be part of a professional kitchen in a hotel or restaurant
  • Become a chef or open your own bakery and master French pastry and the techniques
  • For people who want to learn professional baking in the best and latest ways

For these people, choosing a diploma in French Patisserie masterclass is a suitable option to opt for and learn the basics and the fundamentals from industry-level experts.

Team of culinary experts

From training to placement, you can get a chance in some renowned hotels in Delhi, NCR, and other places. The explicit training program would be perfect for your career and help you learn about the baking speciality. We have both short and long-term courses in culinary art, and aspirants can join the one as per requirement and budget.

Enrol in the study program now!

Get hands-on practical skills with knowledge about baking from TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA). The specialists are experienced in the field. Get help in a study program from an industry-trained faculty team along with Chef Sahil Mehta in Delhi. Our internship and placement choices are also excellent to choose from.

We organise small batches to help the aspirants understand the diploma program and the safety standards in baking and professional cooking better. You can get the best hospitality training from the finest industry experts. Be part of our team now to help you prepare for your dream career. Register with us now if you qualify the criteria and hone baking skills for a new opening in your career ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the training modules at TGCA all about?

Our training modules comprise of understanding the hospitality industry, preparing, cooking and completing cakes, biscuits and sponge items; safety practices while working; and food safety within the catering atmosphere.

What to expect at TGCA ?

At TGCA, you can expect internationally commended campus; support & strategy; managerial skills, applied learning, top-class industry contact; operational concepts; entrepreneurship and the pathway towards universal education.

What about your course curriculum?

Not just the course curriculum, but even at our campus, you are assured to experience international standards of baking and patisserie education without making any compromises on quality.

Do you have good experience in providing quality education to the students?

We have been operating in the market for baking and pastry making courses for several years now. Our founders and even the professionals working for our institute have several years of experience in this artistic field.

Are your baking courses and pastry-making classes available from scratch?

Yes, our baking courses and pastry-making classes are available right from scratch, which means you will get to learn key concepts of baking and pastry making right from the very beginning.

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