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Chef Courses after 12th: List, Admission, Eligibility, Fee & Scope

Chef Courses after 12th: List, Admission, Eligibility, Fee & Scope

Want an excellent opportunity to work in the culinary and other related fields at some of the most prestigious establishments? You can find a number of chef courses after the 12th that cover an all-inclusive curriculum. But it’s difficult to find one that focuses on hands-on practice in various disciplines, like cooking, safety measures, kitchen environment, etc.

Well, the chef courses after the 12th available at Tedco Goodrich Chefs Academy are some of the most popular and well-received courses, offering great flexibility to the students. The duration of these courses can range from three months to twelve months, and admission to our programs may have specific criteria beyond just passing your 12th examination.

List of Chef Courses After 12th

Pursuing chef courses after 12th offers several advantages specifically for those looking to excel in the restaurant and cooking industry. Students can gain valuable insights and refine their culinary skills while learning about different cuisines and their creation procedures. Students undertaking these programs can receive formal training from our school of culinary arts and also gain practical experience by apprenticing under experienced chefs.


The list of our popular chef courses are:

  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate Course in Culinary Arts
  • Hobby Chef Programs


Under Hobby Chef Programs, you can find courses like:

  • Hobby Course in Indian Cuisine
  • Hobby Course in Western Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Hobby Course in Pasta Making
  • Hobby Course in Western Cuisine
  • Hobby Course in Egg Cookery
  • Hobby Course in Soups and Salads Making


Upon completion of these chef courses, students can explore excellent career scopes as culinary instructors or move on to secure some of the most powerful positions in the multinational culinary industry with attractive salary packages.

Graduates of the course can also explore serving as chefs in international destinations, using their hands-on training and practical experience to meet the demand for Indian cuisine in foreign restaurants. Serving as skilled chefs abroad can help them earn good recognition, further helping them open their own restaurants and highlight their culinary skills to a broader audience.

Admission and Eligibility Criteria for Enrollment into Chef Courses After 12th

For admission into our courses, you need to be passionate and have the right ambition and attitude. While completing your Class 12th from any recognised board in India is the basic eligibility criterion to ensure a well-rounded and all-inclusive learning experience, a good understanding of English is also a major eligibility criterion for joining our courses. The sheer versatility of our chef programs ensures students can join any of our courses as per their interests.

Besides academic requirements and fluency in the English language, undertaking our chef courses and becoming established chefs also require certain necessary skills. These include:

  • Our varied chef courses offer specialisation in specific meals to the students, but they must also have the ability to multitask and cook different food items.
  • Students must also have good team working skills because during and even after course completion, they need to work in a kitchen environment where they will have a team around them.
  • Time management skills are also important as they need to make different dishes within the allotted time.
  • Candidates also need to be hardworking because working in the kitchen is not easy, and the more you work, the more rewarding it is.

The fee for our chef courses is generally affordable, and there is a non-refundable registration fee of INR 50 000 to confirm enrollment and to reserve your place in our chef programs. Once you pay the registration amount, you get an enrollment number as confirmation.

Scope of Chef Courses after 12th

Our chef courses provide a wide scope, especially in these times when the food service industry is at its peak. With the growing number of national and international food establishments, our chef courses after the 12th offer some promising career prospects.

Taking up our courses and becoming a good chef will open several career scopes in areas like:

  • Food processing companies
  • Restaurants
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Cruise liners
  • Food manufacturing
  • Resorts
  • Bakeries
  • Corporate Catering


To conclude, embarking on our chef courses after the 12th is the gateway to a world of culinary expertise, enabling students to master the art of food creation while indulging in some of the most rewarding and prestigious careers in the culinary industry. Get in touch with us now to take up any of our chef courses that will help you serve the food industry and progress into a rewarding career. 

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