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Top 5 Patisserie Classes in Delhi NCR

Top 5 Patisserie Classes in Delhi NCR

At present, India is fast developing as a country with major up-gradations and advancements taking place in the field of education. The educational structure and system of India are being appreciated across the world for the large scale benefits and opportunities that it is offering to the students. Acquiring knowledge in India means students can build successful careers in different fields of work.

Among the different leading fields of education, patisserie and baking have proved to be the fastest-growing. That’s because there are more and more people developing their hobbies in patisserie and baking. Patisserie classes and courses are also in huge demand resulting in the quick upheaval of some of the best institutes in the Delhi NCR region. Let’s have a look at the top 5 patisserie classes in Delhi NCR:

TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA)

This academy of baking and pastry arts  operates in Delhi and offers the best baking and confectionery courses. These include pasty arts, bakery arts, desserts & confectionery and all the courses on offer are affiliated with City and Guilds.

TGCA offers duly recognized 6 months IVQ diploma courses in bakery. There is 100% placement assistance for the students in leading 5 star hotels and bakeries across the country. TGCA has designed a brand new campus dedicated to Bakery & pastry in Kailash Colony in association with Goodrich with world class infrastructure & state of the art equipment and machines.

TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA) is an esteemed baking and pastry arts academy situated in Delhi, offering a wide range of exceptional bakery and confectionery courses. The institute is known for its affiliation with City and Guilds, ensuring that all courses provided are duly recognized and accredited.

TGCA specializes in providing a comprehensive 6-month IVQ diploma course in bakery, which equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field. A notable advantage for students is the institute's 100% placement assistance, facilitating placements in renowned 5-star hotels and bakeries across the country. TGCA has recently revamped its state-of-the-art campus dedicated to Culinary, Bakery & Pastry Arts in Kailash Colony. The campus boasts world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge equipment, and modern machinery.

TGCA's focus on maintaining small batch sizes during hands-on classes ensures individual attention and adheres to international safety standards. The institute's primary objective is to provide comprehensive training to its students, making them job-ready. Through domestic placements and international internships, TGCA assists students in securing desirable positions in top hotels and restaurants within the country and abroad.

In addition to culinary, pastry & bakery courses, TGCA offers a range of other programs, including soft skills courses, corporate training solutions, and workforce skilling. The institute's collaborations with renowned brands like Le Meridien, Marriott, and Taj provide students with valuable opportunities to gain practical experience as trainees and apprentices in real work settings.

CakeUncle- The Complete Bakery Institute

This world class baking institute in Delhi also has a campus in Chandigarh. The institute offers bakery and patisserie courses perfectly suited for both beginners and professionals. It is one of the most wonderful places for all baking enthusiasts aspiring to make it big in the field of patisserie and bakery. The courses available at this institute guide the students through all the knowledge they require for starting their cake business right from home or by opening a store.

Since its inception in 2017, the institute has been providing top quality courses to help those with a passion for baking build their careers as pastry chefs. Individuals completing the baking courses offered at this institute can also take up cake-oriented businesses.

Truffle Nation- Premium Baking Institute

Truffle Nation, the premium baking institute in New Delhi, is one of the perfect places for beginners looking to become professional bakers within the shortest time. The institute offers diploma courses for bakers with dreams of opening their own cafes and bakeries. There are courses available for four months, five months and even six months based on the features of each course.

The professional bakery classes available at Truffle Nation can transform beginner bakers into professional chefs within just six months. Boasting more than 3000 students and 200+ bakeries across India, the students from this institute are making waves across the nation, all thanks to their delicious bread and cakes.

Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts (APCA)

The Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts in Delhi NCR has a pan Asia presence with branches in Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. The institute offers different baking courses, with the newest one being a 1-month online baking certification program due to the lockdown condition prevailing in different countries. It is also worth noting that the institute has brought forward some of the most competitive chefs in the field.

The baking programs at this institute have offered students a great platform to get their hands on different international baking and patisserie recipes.

International Institute of Culinary Arts

The International Institute of Culinary Arts or IICA offers the best baking and patisserie courses coming from some of the most experienced and hand-picked chefs. Students at this institute get the bandwidth to experience different baking recipes, with discipline being the backbone of all successful bakers.

International Institute of Hotel Management

This is yet another good platform for baking enthusiasts to take up different baking and pastry-making courses. Students at this institute get the chance of being trained on a global scale earning skills that are recognised globally.

Becoming a bakery chef is a great career choice, especially in India, and if you want to earn big in this field, you must choose any of these institutes for advancing your career.

TGCA will be the right destination for you to acquire the basic skills required for serving at the best organisations as chefs and professional bakers.

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