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Looking to Become a Professional Baker or Start a Home Bakery? Enrol for the Best Baking Classes in Delhi at Tedco Education

Looking to Become a Professional Baker or Start a Home Bakery? Enrol for the Best Baking Classes in Delhi at Tedco Education

The first step in your journey to becoming a professional baker or starting a home bakery is to grab the skills of a chef. And that’s where the best baking academies in Delhi come in. Top-quality baking classes will help you learn how to bake delicious cakes, pastries, bread, waffles, buns and other baked delights. The benefits are not limited to just creating lip-smacking cakes; you also get to learn the skills that will help you start your home bakery and grab in more customers. For everything mentioned above and more, there can be no better option than Tedco Education.

Become a Professional Pastry Chef and Baker in Just 6 Months!

Are you looking for the best bakery courses in Delhi? If yes, you must get straight to Tedco education, where you will find different pastry and bakery courses for aspiring bakers and professional pastry chefs to get going in just six months. With accreditations from The City and Guilds of London Institute, Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council, Global Hospitality Certification, and Indian Culinary Forum, Tedco Education in Delhi offers superior quality bakery education to students coming in from different parts of India. And its students have also been making waves with their scrumptious bread and cakes not only in India but even abroad.

Tedco Education has celebrity chef Sahil Mehta offering a bakery course to students and associations with the top hospitality brands, like Le Meridien, Taj, IHG and Marriott. Tedco Education is one of the top 5 best bakery institutes in Delhi, offering courses in collaboration with international vocational training associates. Some solid reasons to choose Tedco Education as your go-to bakery institute for high-quality bakery education are as follows:

State-of-the-Art Campuses

The two superior quality campuses of the institute, located in Kailash Colony and Connaught Place, will help you experience the best bakery education in Delhi. Exclusive features of Tedco’s Bakery Arts campus located at Kailash Colony include:

  • Diploma program with City and Guilds accreditation
  • Wi-Fi-enabled campus spread over an area of 6200 square feet.
  • Internationally-trained instructors led by Chef Sahil Mehta
  • Five specifically designed bakery kitchens equipped with modern tools for chocolate, bakery and pastry making.
  • Students can secure the chance of international internships in the USA, Canada, France and various other overseas nations.
  • Both online and offline modes of teaching through the institute’s App and Learning Management System.
  • 100% placement assistance, both international and domestic.
  • Important attributes of Tedco’s Culinary Arts campus at Connaught Place include:
  • City and Guilds accredited culinary programs
  • Commercial kitchens with world-class equipment.
  • Hospitality courses designed as per strict international standards and guidelines
  • IT-enabled campus for hybrid teaching mode consisting of online delivery, video links and face-to-face lectures.

Internationally Trained and Experienced Faculty

One of the best things about the faculty at Tedco Education is their quality. You can remain assured of the education quality, training and experience of the faculty members here as they must undergo a strict screening procedure before being recruited. Next, they must complete international training and qualifications before starting the courses. They are an integral part of refresher programs that make them adept with the most advanced industry developments in their respective fields.

Other Reasons to Join Tedco Education

Tedco Education boasts highly-rated bakery courses for aspiring bakers and home bakery owners. Here’s why experts strongly recommend Tedco Education:

Industry-Oriented Curriculum

The bakery courses at Tedco Education feature practical and theory classes to offer students comprehensive knowledge about the hospitality field.

International Internships and Placements

Tedco Education works with its brand partners to fulfil their recruitment requirements by training and recruiting students for varied job roles. The students at Tedco experience international-level education through higher education guidance and international internships in Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, Australia, Gulf Cooperation Council, Mauritius, France and the USA.

Tedco Education also offers placement assistance by bringing intending recruiters to its campus during course delivery. Placement partners of the institute include Sarovar Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, Le Meridien, The Lalit, Four Points by Sheraton, Fortune Miramar, Vivanta Hotels & Resorts by Taj and Radisson Blu.

Advisory Panel

Tedco Education’s advisory panel enables the institute to offer students with wonderful guidance and mentorship. The institute’s advisory panel members also offer support and guidance to colleagues and managers who need proper training and development. Mentorship of members like Mahendra Pal, Tushar Abrol and Rishabh Tandon is extremely useful for the institute as they majorly focus on the career development of students. The experience of members like Mahendra Rathore, Vineet Sharma and Vinod Bhati helps the students with career planning and decision-making.

Superior Quality Diploma Courses

Tedco’s diploma courses, like Diploma in Culinary Arts and Diploma in Bakery by Chef Sahil Mehta, offer entrepreneurial and work opportunities in the central kitchens of famous bakery chains or in pastry shops, cafes and 5-star hotels. Diploma in Bakery by Chef Sahil Mehta is an intensive and exclusive 1-year Patisserie course that covers 600 hours of quality teaching under the expert guidance of the popular Patissier, Chef Sahil Mehta. This course enrols a limited number batch of 25 students who will receive the personalised attention of Chef Sahil Mehta and a team of other speciality chefs. Once they complete the course, students will receive six months of industrial training and paid internships in countries like UAE, Germany and France.

Easy and Convenient Online Bakery Courses

The online bakery courses at Tedco, like Online Professional Chef Diploma and Online Hobby Chef Programs, help students grab quality bakery education at their own pace. These courses teach them new cooking procedures, increase their confidence, and help them reach their objectives. The content of these online courses includes an assortment of different video types, like stepwise video recipes, instructional videos and technique-focused lessons. Content is delivered completely online with different modes of learning and assessment, like interactive quizzes, practical in-house projects graded by the senior chefs and instructor-submitted activities.

The online bakery courses at Tedco range between 3 weeks and 12 weeks, giving students the scope to learn from special sessions with Tedco chefs clearing their doubts and answering their queries. The students also avail 24/7 support through Tedco’s mobile app, where they can access notes, recipes and videos. Along with these cost-effective courses, the students also get videos, recipes, equipment lists, weekly shopping lists and ingredient lists to stock up on scheduled recipes. Tedco’s online courses offer students further study scopes in more than 40 nations, including New Zealand and Canada.

Detailed Insights into Certificate Courses in Bakery

Tedco’s Certificate Courses in Bakery and Culinary Arts are concise 3-month study programs that can help students learn the basics of cake making while enriching their professional skills. Modules covered in the Certificate Course in Bakery Arts include:

  • Travel cakes
  • Decorated cakes
  • Pies and tarts
  • Chocolates and truffles
  • Cookies and biscuits
  • Artisanal bread
  • Basic French pastries
  • Brownies and muffins
  • Cheesecakes
  • Jar desserts
  • Important areas of study in the Certificate Course in Culinary Arts include:
  • Cooking methods
  • Kitchen commodities
  • Hygiene and food safety
  • Kitchen operations and safety
  • The main course, appetiser preparation, desserts, rice and pasta

Hands-On Training

All baking classes offered at Tedco Education are conducted in its specifically-designed and well-equipped modern kitchens consisting of highly advanced tools. So, students not only get to learn theory but even have their hands on practising baking during the study sessions.

Tedco also offers an unmatched hands-on baking experience where students can bake everything independently while the chefs guide them through the process step-by-step. And for a completely personalised experience, Tedco has a dedicated celebrity chef to mentor a batch of 25 students in one session.

Successful Alumni

Students who pass out of Tedco education hold a good track record of success in their respective fields. They either move on to become professional chefs in hotels and restaurants or start their bakeries as per the skills and education they acquire. Tedco students get the exclusive scope to learn everything they need to start their own bakery business. From learning the right way to bake 3-tier cakes to how to position one’s brand for success, Tedco covers everything.

Practical Learning Approach and Professional Study Environment

Tedco students get access to modern kitchens where they practice under the guidance of able and experienced chefs. They learn in real-time situations and environment that helps them polish their skills in baking. Baking classes at Tedco feature certified tutors who are well-informed about the art and science of baking. The courses available at Tedco can help students become professional chefs within just a few months.

Tedco Education offers the best baking classes in Delhi, where industry experts teach students the skills required to serve as professional chefs. Students are also guided in understanding the different aspects of baking and the functionality of the baking industry. Students also learn about different permits, certifications and licenses needed to start a bakery business.

Learn Top Quality Craftsmanship with the Best Baking Classes at Tedco

So undoubtedly, the best baking classes and courses at Tedco will help you become a professional baker and chef with the proper knowledge to turn bread into business. You just learn it once and then move on to perfect everything over your career course as a professional baker.

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