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How to Start a Career in Bakery and Confectionery?

How to Start a Career in Bakery and Confectionery

In today’s era where every special occasion is customized to start with a cake, there is huge prospect for bakers. But becoming a successful baker is not just about knowing how to bake bread. Bakers should know how to make different types of croissants, bread rolls, loaves, buns, cakes, pastries and savories by adding innovation to their basic baking knowledge. While the bakery and confectionery courses at Tedco Education can be of good help, the profession also calls for passion and commitment along with creativity. So, here’s all it takes to start a career in bakery and confectionery:

Educational Eligibility

The admission eligibility requirement for a diploma in bakery and confectionery at Tedco Education is good scores in higher secondary examination along with English fluency. Besides this, you must also have a few required skills, like:

  • Passion for food and good skills in measuring ingredients; working out cooking times and ordering supplies.
  • Practical baking skills and the creativity to develop new items and decorate different types of confectioneries.
  • Potential to perform under pressure along with awareness of hygiene and safety regulations and proper organizational skills.
  • Physical fitness to lift and carry heavy sacks of flour and trays along with teamwork skills.

Joining a Diploma or Degree Course

Once you complete your higher secondary education, you must take up bakery and confectionery courses in Delhi. At Tedco Education, you may find courses like Diploma in Culinary Arts, Online Hobby Chef Programs, Online Professional Chef Diploma and Certificate Course Culinary Arts that can offer you the requisite basic education to excel in the field of baking. These are short-term, generally 3 months, 6 months and 12 months courses specifically designed for individuals interested to join the confectionery and baking field. Such courses cover topics like the process of making decorated cakes, jar desserts, cheesecakes, chocolates and truffles; food safety; professional workplace standards; pastry basics; setting up patisserie business and so on to help you make it big in this field.

Gain Experience as a Baker’s Assistant or as an Apprentice

Serving as a trainee, assistant or apprentice at any local bakery can help you gain good industry knowledge. This kind of training generally takes one to two years and you work under an expert baker to learn proper sanitation methods; safe food handling and various other baking practices and techniques. Working as an assistant or apprentice will also help you build connections with the other bakers that can further help you find good job as a baker.

Select a Specialty

Once you have gained good experience in baking, it is time to find out the type of baking you are interested in. You may have to learn a few specific skills based on the path you choose. The baking specialties you can opt for include retail baker, commercial baker, pastry chef, pie maker, bakery owner, food stylist and cake decorator.

Continue to Perfect Your Art

Perfecting your baking art is an ongoing assignment that will continue throughout your career. So, always be in the lookout of new techniques and tricks while upgrading your recipes. Vision and creativity will also offer you the tools to become a good baker who continue to improve and grow.


 To serve as the best in this field, choose the online baking certificate courses and diplomas at Tedco Education. Our expert educators will teach you about experimentation and innovation in bakery making you stand out from others in your career profile. Get in touch now to learn from the experts.

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