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Difference between Baker and Pastry Chef

Difference between Baker and Pastry Chef

Do you want to become a pastry chef? But, do you think pastry chef and baker are the same? If you want to learn the art of cooking, you must know the difference between pastry chefs and bakers. It widens your knowledge; you can better understand what field you will prefer in the future.

What is the Work of a Baker?

A baker bakes all products like cookies, doughnuts, bread, rolls, cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. Commercial bakers are the ones who work in the manufacturing section. Retail bakers are the bakers who work in bakeries, restaurants, or even in grocery stores. They use and measure all the baking ingredients in different types of baking equipment to create a quality item inconsistently. They are responsible for producing baked items every day in large numbers for customers.

 What is the Work of a Pastry Chef?

In the professional kitchen, a pastry chef is a person who creates baked goods creates pastries and desserts. They are experts in deciding dessert menus and how the pastry displays will be. Pastry chefs also adorn managerial skills with an experience like supervising other pastry chefs, instructing assistants. These pastry makers work as junior pastry chefs and teach and train them how to design, hold, place different dessert items. Pastry chefs directly report to sous or executive chefs.

Difference between a Baker and Pastry Chef

  • A pastry chef is in an authority position where he trains subordinates, checks the quality of the items, decides the menus in dessert sections, creates his special menus for customers. A pastry chef can decide on his own while updating the old recipes. On the other hand, a baker is responsible for working for an employer and producing bulk quantity baked food items daily.
  • The skill of a pastry chef is to display creativity, manage multiple tasks simultaneously, and have clear communication with other chefs in the kitchen. A baker’s skill is to manage bulk work in a single day. The person needs strength, determination, attention to every detail of baking ingredients and equipment.

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