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Beyond the Wok

Beyond the Wok

It is a common misconception that the culinary industry means working behind kitchen countertops. However, there is more to it than just skillets and woks. There are a plethora of job roles one can opt for when it comes to the culinary industry. One of these gleaming opportunities is Food Media which features several aspects of the culinary field in the form of art. Food Media takes the culinary field to a completely different level by exploring styles like food blogging, food styling, food photography, food writing and social media promotion of food.

Keeping in line with the vogue, there are several courses that are being offered to the aspirants to make it an appealing career to them. However, in order to commercialize the artistic nature of the food one has to have an understanding of it. Knowing the spice combinations and understanding the textures and flavours helps in evoking one’s senses about what the food is all about. The deliverance of the feeling of a particular dish can be understood when one has a basic comprehension of the flavours.

A successful career in the field of culinary arts does not come hastily. It takes years of experience and passion to reach that optimum level. For those who don’t have the skills behind the kitchen counters, there are several options to work front-of-the-house. Management of restaurants and kitchens is also a lucrative career option that is getting popular among aspirants. Starting early on a career in hospitality and culinary arts helps in getting a head start and accelerate towards a speedy career.

The remuneration for this field ranges between Rs. 15,000/- to upwards depending upon the place of work and talent of the candidate. However, it is important to be patient and wait until the correct opportunity comes along. Beyond that…sky is the limit.

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