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From Classroom to Kitchen: A Day in the Life of Students at Our Academy of Baking and Pastry Arts in Delhi

From Classroom to Kitchen: A Day in the Life of Students at Our Academy of Baking and Pastry Arts in Delhi

Are you one of those aspirants looking to make it big as a pastry chef? If yes, enrol in the baking and pastry arts courses at our Academy of Baking and Pastry Arts in Delhi. Choosing immersive pastry education through a culinary institute like Tedco Goodrich Chefs Academy can help you build a strong base of baking fundamentals that will further elevate your career. From the first day of the course in the classroom environment through graduation and landing a job where you need to work in a professional kitchen environment, here’s a glimpse into a day in the life of students at our Academy of Baking and Pastry Arts in Delhi:

Starting the Day in Our Baking and Pastry Class

Remember, preparation is the key to starting a successful day in our baking and pastry class. 

  • On the first day of class, you may be in the kitchen, in your chef’s whites, all set to bake.
  • Every day, you are expected to review your lesson plan for the entire day and prepare all the important tools needed for the day’s recipe.
  • Ensure working on the mise en place process or proper placement for everything in the kitchen environment laid out in advance.

Through these essential steps on the first day of class, we help our baking and pastry students learn the disciplines necessary to become efficient and professional chefs.

Once the Baking and Pastry Class Begins

  • Regular classroom instructions in Tedco’s baking and pastry kitchen start with a brief lecture summarising key objectives and vocabulary of the day’s recipes.
  • This is followed by a chef-instructor-led demonstration to show students the techniques, methods and commodities they need for the day’s recipes.
  • Students also get the scope to ask questions and clear their doubts regarding different cooking techniques and ingredients.
  • Next, students get back to their work or study stations where they recreate demonstrated recipes, using teamwork, organisation and multi-tasking skills.
  • They learn to navigate the kitchen environment while the chef-instructors assist them throughout the process by answering questions, identifying important details and providing feedback.

Remember, a typical day in the life of students at our Academy of Baking and Pastry Arts in Delhi is broken into four to five cooking assignments or recipes. Each of our assignments includes chef demonstrations and procedures. However, certain recipes, like pies and cakes, may feature several components, like baking, cooling, filling and decorating. We may arrange more than one chef demonstration for complex recipes that students need to work on during the day.

Baking and Pastry Assignments and More

The first half of your day helps you learn and master the skills required to become a pastry chef. Then there’s the second half, where you get to work on your personal style and creativity and match them with your newly acquired skills. During the second half, you may have to complete a few baking and pastry assignments, like:

  • Creating chocolate sculptures
  • Making a three-tiered wedding cake
  • A final show for family and friends may be included

Major lessons you will learn from these assignments include:

  • There are tons of rules to follow in the baking and pastry industry, and you require an immense scientific foundation to be successful.
  • You can easily make changes to these rules and mold them as per your convenience to achieve success in baking and pastry making.

Field Trips to Restaurants, Shops and Bakeries

During the course of the day, you may even participate in industry field trips to locations where you can meet professional chefs. This is the best chance to ask questions and see the techniques and skills of professional chefs in action. Here are a few more things you can expect during our field trips:

  • The chefs at our partner patisseries will walk you through their kitchen and show you how it functions.
  • Starting from collecting ingredients and using them in different dishes to plating and delivery, you will have your hands on everything related to baking and pastry making.
  • Our field trips also offer networking opportunities for students, as well as helping them experience a professional kitchen environment in person.

Our chef instructors will guide you every step of the way and provide you with complete support right from the classroom to the kitchen. You can easily learn the processes and duration of different recipes by following our meticulously curated lesson plans. Over the course of your study at our academy, you will complete several recipes covering a range of baking skills, starting from breads and doughs to advanced chocolate work and fruit compotes. Contact us now for more details.

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