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4 High Paying Hospitality Jobs You Must Pursue

4 High Paying Hospitality Jobs You Must Pursue

Seeking employment in the Hospitality sector in India is contributing to a key driving sector in the growth of our country. Hospitality jobs approximately add up to 8.78% of the total employment in our country. This industry is estimated to produce 13.75 million jobs across its various domains. But what is in it for you? This brings us to our next question, what can you pursue out of the vast umbrella of jobs the hospitality industry has to offer? Following is a list of high paying hospitality jobs that will not only give you the stability but also provide you financial security.

Property Manager

Managers seize some good moolah when it comes to pay in the hospitality sector, between a variety of managerial jobs viz; Restaurant Manager, Casino Manager, Bar & Lounge Manager an individual can bank anything between 10 lacs to 15 lacs in their career with off course other perks like always hanging out at a happening place! You wouldn’t want to miss on that, would you?


A chef’s job is like a dream delight for those who love cooking and the delightful pay it offers just adds to the bliss. The average pay of an executive chef falls between 9 to 10 lacs per annum depending upon your place of work and like any other job it just keeps getting better with experience & expertise, which is a key influencing factor in your growth as a chef.

Level 3 Advance Diploma in Food Preparation & Cookery Supervision is a program designed to provide quality training to the students who wish to pursue their career in the field of culinary arts.

Food and Beverage Director:

This one is a lesser known but equally exciting job profile in the field of hospitality. A food director has to don many hats, as he needs to plan and budget the menu on a daily basis as well as prepare for any unforeseen special events at the restaurant. Knowing a little about marketing is a huge add on for this position. All this and you can easily draw anything between 6 to 8 lacs from a premium restaurant.

Head of Housekeeping:

Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S would have made the perfect head of housekeeping if we were talking an ideal scenario and if you relate to a character who likes to have things placed neatly where they are supposed to be and keep your surroundings impeccable, go for this position without second thoughts. Hotels, restaurants & eateries across the nation are looking for cleanliness enthusiasts and what is better if you get paid up to 4 lacs to 5 lacs for just keeping clean?

Summing up, the hospitality industry is just awaiting skilled professionals ready to dedicate their heart and soul to their choice of work, it is only a matter of dedication and the world of restaurants and hotels can take you places.

Tedco Education imparts jobs ready skills training in the field of Hospitality and Healthcare. Our objective is to educate students with specialized skill sets and ensure that they possess the tools needed to go straight into a professional work environment, or pursue higher qualifications in their chosen vocation.

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