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Professional Bakery Courses by the Top 10 Best Bakery Institutes in Delhi

Professional Bakery Courses by the Top 10 Best Bakery Institutes in Delhi

Bakery is a creative and artistic field that requires professional bakers to work on their skills, passion and perfection to design the best bread, cakes, puffs, muffins, cookies and pies. Like all the other skills in this modern world, the bakery also requires high-level proficiency and regular practice. Bakery courses at the top 10 best bakery institutes in Delhi, with their amazing dishes and assorted food items, are surely where the students require proper learning and guidance to make it big in this artistic field. The top 10 bakery institutes in Delhi are leading learning centres offering some of the best bakery and pastry courses. If you want a career in this field, the details of established institutes below will help you make the right choice. Their short-term courses, advanced diplomas and certificates will support you in starting your journey to become a professional baker or run your bakery in the future.

TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA)

This academy of baking and pastry arts  operates in Delhi and offers the best baking and confectionery courses. These include pasty arts, bakery arts, desserts & confectionery and all the courses on offer are affiliated with City and Guilds.


TGCA offers duly recognized 6 months IVQ diploma courses in bakery. There is 100% placement assistance for the students in leading 5 star hotels and bakeries across the country. Tedco has designed a brand new campus dedicated to Bakery & pastry in Kailash Colony in association with Goodrich with world class infrastructure & state of the art equipment and machines.


Want to take up superior quality culinary education? If yes, TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA) will be the right institute for you. With 30 years of skilled experience in professional bakery and culinary education, this is the best bakery institute in Delhi, with two state-of-the-art campuses. Accredited with City and Guilds, the institute offers certified courses in collaboration with international vocational training partners. At the same time, the institute also offers internationally acclaimed competency certificates.


One of the best things about TGCA is it offers bakery classes in small batches while adhering to international safety standards. The institute aims to train its students in the best way and even ensures they get the right placements in India and abroad through its domestic placements and international internships. The institute offers vocational training to its students, makes them job ready, and eventually helps them get placements in the best hotels and restaurants in the country.


Besides bakery courses, TGCA also offers soft skills courses, corporate training solutions and workforce skilling. Its corporate associations with brands like Le Meridien, Marriott and Taj enable students to serve as trainees and apprentices as part of their experience in real work situations. Tedco also boasts of trained faculty who pass a strict screening procedure before recruitment. They also need to be a part of refresher programs in varied subjects, so they can use the latest developments in their fields of work. The institute also arranges guest lectures for its students and a couple of commercial kitchens equipped with professional tools.


TGCA is one of the best baking institutes in Delhi, with classes and courses perfect for individuals who want to learn how to bake different food items. If you are all set to take your baking skills to the next level, sign up for a course at TGCA today!


TEDCO Goodrich Chefs Academy (TGCA) is an esteemed baking and pastry arts academy situated in Delhi, offering a wide range of exceptional bakery and confectionery courses. The institute is known for its affiliation with City and Guilds, ensuring that all courses provided are duly recognized and accredited.


TGCA specializes in providing a comprehensive 6-month IVQ diploma course in bakery, which equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field. A notable advantage for students is the institute's 100% placement assistance, facilitating placements in renowned 5-star hotels and bakeries across the country. TGCA has recently revamped its state-of-the-art campus dedicated to Culinary, Bakery & Pastry Arts in Kailash Colony. The campus boasts world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge equipment, and modern machinery.


TGCA's focus on maintaining small batch sizes during hands-on classes ensures individual attention and adheres to international safety standards. The institute's primary objective is to provide comprehensive training to its students, making them job-ready. Through domestic placements and international internships, TGCA assists students in securing desirable positions in top hotels and restaurants within the country and abroad.


In addition to culinary, pastry & bakery courses, TGCA offers a range of other programs, including soft skills courses, corporate training solutions, and workforce skilling. The institute's collaborations with renowned brands like Le Meridien, Marriott, and Taj provide students with valuable opportunities to gain practical experience as trainees and apprentices in real work settings.

Bakers Bite

Located at Rana Pratap Bagh in Delhi, Bakers Bite offers online and offline courses in Cake Decoration; Baking and Dessert; Cooking; Chocolate Making; Sugar Art and Bread Baking. The duration of the different courses at this institute ranges as per course and individual requirements. The institute offers individual and group baking classes, with special notes in every class.

La Palate Culinary Academy

If you want a premiere baking institute in Delhi, then La Palate Culinary Academy is the right option. The key faculty members of this institute are passionate bakers with the eagerness to offer their professional skills and education to new baking amateurs. The short hobby courses at this institute cover culinary-based cooking in Malaysian, Chinese, Starters, Grills, Lebanese, Mexican, Salads, Italian and Soups. Special classes include cake decoration, while the weekend courses focus on food and sugar art. The cake decoration classes are held in groups on weekdays with a major focus on bakery ingredients and products. The institute also conducts weekend workshops for amateurs and visitors to get insight into different bake presentations and preparations.

Some of the most exclusive baking courses available at La Palate Culinary Academy include Full Bakery Course emphasising brownies, cupcakes, icing, cakes and desserts and Cake Decoration and Sugar Art Classes. The latter is a specially-designed 10-day course covering working on cakes from scratch and different cake decorations.

Culinary and Cake Decorating School (CCDS)

Located at Okhla Phase II, New Delhi, CCDS offers long-term diploma courses, online courses and short-term courses in baking and pastry. The school also offers a number of exciting workshops regularly. The courses offered by the institute covers areas like cake decoration, desserts and baking.

ASSOCOM Institute of Bakery Technology & Management (AIBTM)

The exclusivity of AIBTM lies in its offering of more than 50 baking courses that render an unmatchable experience to the students. Here you can find Certification Programmes covering Bread Technology, Applied Bakery Science, Food Processing and Technology and Bakery Craft and Patisseries; Short-Term Courses in Industrial Breads and Rusks, Cereal processing, Food Labelling, Gluten-Free, Cake Decorations, Leavening, Food Manufacturing and Sugar Decorations and Post-Graduation Diploma Course in Bakery Science and Technology Entrepreneurship and patisserie and Artisan Bakery Craft. AIBTM is one of the most accomplished teaching, research and training centres in Delhi that also offers part-time courses in evening sessions with hostel facilities.

Cake Central Design Studio

Yet another highly creative bakery institute in Delhi, Cake Central Design Studio, offers complete bakery courses and personal classes for students to match national and international-level competition with amazing results. The complete bakery courses at this institute offer thorough preparation and help students learn the bakery basics, which can further help them make some of the most delightful baked products. This institute's classes are offered daily, with special classes held during the weekends. Workshops are also available where students present wonderful culinary skills that further help them advance in their respective careers.

Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi (IHM Pusa)

Established in 1962, IHM Pusa is the leading bakery institute in India, offering quality education at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. Some of the most important courses offered at this Government of India recognised and IGNOU central university certified institute in New Delhi include Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery, BSC Degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management and Craftsmanship Certificate Course in Food Production and Patisserie. This institute's graduation course in baking is a full-time 3-year long-term course for baking amateurs and enthusiasts.  

Academy of Pastry Arts India

This multi-national baking institute in Delhi NCR is known for its all-inclusive bakery courses. Offering services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, this academy of pastry arts uses standardised methods and classes to teach baking and pastry making to students of all levels. Students at this institute get exclusive quality education, all thanks to its highly perfected and customised recipes, skilful faculty experience and use of cutting-edge technology. Varied dishes, hands-on training, regular practice sessions and specialist courses in the use of basic ingredients and methods of preparation are some of the most amazing attributes of this institute.


The baking courses offered at TruffleNation are best for those who have a passion for making it big in the field of baking. This institute is the one-stop destination for you to start as a professional baker, with short-term courses of 4 to 8 weeks. The curriculum for the baking courses at this institute is a blend of modern creative baking techniques and traditional skills that develop the most efficient bakers of the future. Some of the best courses at TruffleNation are the Pastry Arts Course of 4 weeks, the Certified Baker's Diploma of 8 weeks and the Baking Essential Course for Professionals of 4 weeks. These courses feature Basic and advanced-level baking methods, core modules and hands-on baking lessons. The institute also boasts experienced instructors who offer their unmatchable experience and skillset to guide students toward establishing a successful bakery career. 

Institute of Bakery & Culinary Arts

The bakery courses at IBCA or the Institute of Bakery & Culinary Arts are nationally and internationally certified, making the institute one of the best platforms for young bakers to nurture their talent. The institute offers different short-term and long-term courses according to the need of the industry, with a range from 1 month to 1 year. IBCA's International Diploma in Professional Pastry Chef is a 1-year course affiliated with City and Guilds. It is among the best courses to make an impressive start in the field of baking. Besides this, the institute also offers courses like Special Bakery Certification as Professional Pastry Chef of 6 months duration; Hobby Chef Programmes for specialisation in different bakery subfields, such as cake decorations, chocolates, organic, eggless, gluten-free and vegan baking and Certification in Home Professional Pastry with FISCI Affiliated Course. 


Top-quality education at these top 10 institutes for professional bakery courses in Delhi will help you learn to bake different varieties of delicious muffins, cakes, bread and pies under the guidance of experienced and talented instructors. So, whether you want to create tasty cookies or beautiful cakes, enrolling at any of these institutes, like Tedco Education, will be the right decision. The courses at this institute will kick-start your career as a professional baker of the future.

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