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Take the Best Pastry Courses and Always Craft the Perfect Desserts

Explore the artistry of a true and dedicated Patissier by choosing the best pastries school available in the name of Tedco. It does not really matter what path you are taking in the future; you will never make the mistake of serving a bad dessert when you study confectionery and baking.

Our highly acclaimed pastry classes will prepare you in such a way that you will be able to showcase your very own exclusive products in tea rooms, cafes and restaurants. With us, you can easily master the art of pastry making right from the basics to the advanced classic French procedures.

We will develop you in such a way that you will be able to apply your creativity to gateaux, pastry, and chocolate and marzipan showpieces for developing your very own style.

Why Goodrich Tedco School of Bakery Arts?

These days, baking is a passion for many individuals. For churning this passion into a high pay scale profession, Tedco has come up with its pastry classes, courses and training. Our patisserie courses are for the ones who are looking to serve as professional pastry chefs in four-star and five-star hotels.

Our pastry courses are also for the ones who are on the lookout for launching their own Boulangerie or Patisserie. Our courses are meant for both beginners into pastry making and amateur bakers.

There is basic training provided in baking which can further be harnessed into highly advanced cuisines and techniques. All the courses available at our pastry chef school are universally recognized. The certification comes from City & Guilds, London.

Those days had long gone when enthusiasts had to move to a foreign country for learning the art of pastry making. Tedco, and most importantly, Chef Sahil Mehta, has made it possible for all Indians to have their hands on the magic of pastry making.

Now, there is no need for students to spend exorbitantly on pursuing their passion for pastry baking in any foreign institute simply because of the lack of such opportunities in India. Tedco has developed full-time pastry courses for equipping students with the craft of pastry making right in their vicinity.

At our pastry chef school, students get good experience in preparing a wide assortment of bakery products ranging from basic bread to customized cakes and pastries. Our pastry classes for bakers provide them with basic training in pastry baking. The classes begin right from scratch and will take the candidates to the advanced level, giving them exposure to some of the major cuisines in this field.

Also, Tedco prepares its students in such a way that they are adapt at facing almost all kinds of competitive challenges thrown at them in the bakery and culinary sector. With us, students get the scope of practicing hands-on training with some of the best equipment and ingredients in the world.

As is the case, the majority of our students end up setting up their very own bakery start-ups, or they get placements in some of the best five-star hotels and restaurants. We are into offering all the major aspects of patisserie and baking skills. Our pastry classes are carefully designed and are the perfect blend of theory and practical classes with a special focus on complete exposure.

Make Your Mark Because This is the Right Time

Tedco aims not only at training students but at ensuring that they eventually get placements in reputable organizations not just in India but even abroad. The main objective of our pastry chef school is to take individuals with a passion for baking and cooking and transforming them into professional chefs at the end of our courses.

Our philosopher and guide, Chef Sahil Mehta, has gained international education and has even worked for popular organizations like Salon Wilson, Ritz- Paris, Travelers Club N Hotel Baltimore, Roland Garros and Potel et Chabot.

On his return to India in 2010, he worked at bringing a huge change in the industry for a bakery in Delhi. And he was successful in bringing about this change through L’opera. Sahil has also established bakeries throughout the country for varied standalone bakeries, chefs and hotels. We also boast of an unimpeachable faculty along with some of the best facilities, with the most impressive one being our main kitchen. We have even got bakery kitchens, culinary theatre and classrooms that set the right stage for candidates to explain and present the baking procedures they have learnt during classes.

Our pastry courses give students the scope of discovering the secrets of top quality pastry and becoming complete professionals. We sustain that serving as a pastry chef is the same as making music or creating a wonderful painting.

Hence, one of our major tasks is providing the required tools for learning the art of blending ingredients, flavours and textures without losing sight of presentation. Our pastry courses which are a combination of theoretical and practical learning are customized to equip the students with the experience and the knowledge needed in the highly competitive and vast baking industry.

We equip our students to take up roles in the best 5-star kitchens or in setting up their very own proprietorships across the industry. We also assist our students in securing placements and internships on completing their diploma programs.


If you have long been considering taking up a career in the field of culinary arts with a good interest in baking and pastry, the Tedco pasty courses are there for you. Our classes deliver amazing knowledge and skills, so students make up for leading food magazines or write in top cookbooks.

We are one large pastry chef school that offers an intimate experience. Learning is the topmost focus at our institute. By the end of the pastry classes, we make sure that our students have handcrafted almost everything from confections and cakes to elegant desserts and classic bread.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the learning infrastructure like at Tedco?

We have some of the best bakery kitchens and classrooms and a culinary theatre that sets the right stage for students to present and explain different baking methodologies they have learned during the classes.

For whom are the pastry courses are Tedco suitable?

Our pastry and baking courses are suitable for all those individuals looking to launch their Patisserie or Boulangerie. Our courses are not just meant for beginners in baking and pastry making but even for amateur bakers.

Why choose the Tedco School of Baking and Culinary Arts?

It is good to choose the Tedco School of Baking and Culinary Arts for a professional career as a chef because the courses here will prepare you to serve as a professional pastry chef in five-star and four-star hotels.

How does Tedco help students develop their own style of pastry making?

Tedco School of Pastry Making develops students so that they can apply their creativity to chocolate, pastry and gateaux and thus develop their very own exclusive style.

How do the pastry classes at Tedco prepare the students?

The highly acclaimed pastry classes at Tedco prepare the students in such a way that they get the ability to showcase their own exclusive products in restaurants and cafes. With Tedco, students can easily grasp good skills in pastry making, not just the basics but even the most advanced French pastry making procedures.

Our Courses

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Diploma in Culinary Arts

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Online Professional Chef Diploma

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Hobby Course in Western Cuisine

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