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Hobby Course in Soups and Salads Making

Hobby Course in Soups and Salads Making

Hobby Course in Soups and Salads Making

Learn from an array of online courses to utilize your time at home and get a digital certificate. Our online courses are designed to help you learn basic skills of culinary arts and cooking dishes of your choice.

  • Get 24×7 study support via our mobile app where you can access recipes, videos, and notes
  • Special sessions with the Tedco chefs for doubt-clearing and queries
  • Digital Certificate upon completion of course
  • Sign-up for multiple courses and get access to a 100’s of recipes and video instructions
  • Learn at your own pace inside the convenient setting of your own kitchen using your own free time
  • Cost effective courses and focused study material support with practical experience and demonstration
  • List of ingredients, kitchen equipment and weekly shopping list provided, makes is easy to follow

A course thoroughly aligned with the culinary needs of the health conscious. This course provides an overview of various salads/soups and their dressings and garnishes.

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How do I enrol for the courses?

Choose the course, go online and pay. Credentials, app and website link will be shared.

How many classes will I get?

You can access all the study material and recipes on the mobile application throughout the duration of the course of your choosing. Apart from that you will also get free Live sessions every Week with chefs and mentors. Classes depend on the duration of course.

What Electronic or Technological Equipment will be required for this Course?

All you need is a laptop or a mobile phone with a functional internet connection to access your course from anywhere.

What type of support will be provided to me during the course?

You will get recipes, videos, ingredient list, equipment list and a weekly shopping list to help you stock up for the recipes scheduled per week. Apart from that you will also get Weekly doubt clearing sessions with our chefs.

How do you clear doubts and solve queries?

You can book an appointment for a doubt clearing session with our chefs. Our chefs will connect with you over a Zoom call/Whatsapp video call/Skype/Google Meet. You can then ask your questions and clear your doubts.

What study material will I get?

Our app contains step by step instructional videos, recipes in PDF forms and any recordings of live sessions will be uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

How does your mobile app work?

Upon enrolment, you will receive a link to download a mobile application. After installing it on your mobile phone you can log in using the ID and password provided to you. You can then access all the study material and stay up to date by keeping up with the announcements on the app.

How long do I get the mobile app access for?

You will have access to the mobile application for the complete duration of your course.

What will be the mode of Certification?

You will get a digital certificate upon completion of the course. In case you wish to learn more dishes, you can enrol in more courses of your choosing.

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