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Tedco School of Culinary Arts is a popular institute situated in Delhi, providing excellent quality classes to share your culinary skills. We assure the aspirants looking to get a career in the hospitality industry of placement after completing their chosen course at leading hotels. We are placed at the heart of the city, so you can find us any time while looking for a Baking School near Me on the internet.

Why choose Tedco for the Bakery course?

You should have interest and dedication in culinary as it is an art form and you cannot learn if you don't have the enthusiasm in the art. Amidst all the culinary skills available in our course of international standard, you can choose bakery too. Search as Baking School near me and get to us. You can be assured of success with all our courses. Tedco School of Culinary Arts collaborated with one of the top pastry chefs in the country, Chef Sahil Mehta to launch a special French Patisserie Masterclass at the Connaught place campus.

Following are the reasons to choose Tedco over other culinary institutes

  • We offer the course of international standard to make the students prepared for their potential career abroad also.
  • We provide the certificate of international standard once student complete their courses.
  • Both long-term and short-term courses are available at Tedco School of Culinary Arts. All the programs we offer are internationally accredited.
  • We have a list of experts in the faculty list. Academicians and industry experts with high experience in the hospitality field take classes to prepare students for the industry.
  • Regular practical sessions are held to check the growth of the students in culinary skills.
  • Tedco allows students to work at leading renowned hotels in the industry training program for a certain period, like an internship to gain experience.
  • We guarantee students of 100% placement in both domestic and international industries.
  • You can apply for an international internship in countries like France, the USA, Canada, and other countries directly from Tedco.
  • To make our courses more accessible to students across the country, we have developed both offline and online classes. Now, students can be part of our expert classes just through a smartphone.
  • Safety and hygiene are inseparable parts of kitchens, and we maintain that standard in all our classrooms and kitchens to make students learn the basics.

Students who want to make their presence felt in the industry with their excellent baking skills must join our class immediately and ensure a better career.

What does the Bakery course include?

When you search for a reputed and quality placement providing Baking School near me, you can be assured to reach us. Tedco School of Culinary Arts is a part of Tedco Group that has experience of 30 years in the industry. For the last five years, we have been producing skilled chefs for the industry in both certified and diploma courses.

People who love to bake are not limited to fruit cakes and cupcakes, and they also love to bake things like cookies, bread, and other customized items. Our experts at the baking course suggest baking and making sure students learn about the other prospects related to a presentation of the baked item. This includes-

  • Measuring the basics of the cake, or cookie, or bread you are going to make.
  • We are designing the basic shape of the pastry before baking by keeping the dough in different shaped boxes.
  • Decorating the cakes is most important to attract the target consumers. These days' people go for the best-looking products.
  • Chocolate making and making creams of different flavours

This is not the end; our French Patisserie Masterclass makes you learn about the professional aspect of the process that ensures profit. It includes the subject's like-

  • Nutritional value of the cake you are making. People are very much calorie-conscious these days. Most prefer not to consume sugar. The students need to be very careful in these aspects before entering the industry. Our expert prioritises all these in the course of learning.
  • Keeping the cost of the pastries or fruit cakes and butter cakes at a minimum level can be good for reaching out to more people. The manufacturing process decides the pricing, so we try to make sure the students learn to bake with minimum arrangements.
  • We also make the students learn about bakery management. The students must learn how to manage and work for their bakery with limited resources and in different conditions.

We make sure that the students learn the subject from the core and perform their best in any condition. You would suggest Tedco when anyone asks for some Baking School near Me. You can choose your favourite courses from the list we offer based on your preference.

Why online bakery courses?

If you stay in a different part of India, you will still find us while searching Baking School near me, as we have formulated our online course that you can attend digitally. It has some specific features-

  • You can go through the classes and materials provided in the app 24X7 whenever you wish.
  • You can opt for doubt clearing classes from our expert faculties when needed.
  • You can get multiple recipes and video instructions on the app of Tedco.
  • The courses we provide are very reasonable, and you get materials along with practical sessions.
  • Information regarding equipment and ingredient is sent before a week to be ready with them at the class.

Our online bakery course is for 12 weeks, and you need to pay just 7000 INR to get an international culinary skill certificate after the course.

If you are looking to get placed while pursuing your dreams of baking, this is the opportunity. Make your passion into your profession with the professional course at Tedco Institution. You get the opportunity to bake your favorite anywhere in the world. Search for Baking School near me over the internet and take admission in either online or offline courses as per your suitability. Don't miss this opportunity and hurry to get an admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver your courses?

To make our baking courses more accessible to the students throughout India and even abroad, we have designed both online and offline classes. This has made it very easy for students to be an integral part of our baking and patisserie classes simply by using their mobile phones.

Are international internships available?

Yes, students can easily apply for international internships in nations like USA, France and Canada.

Are there placements available?

Yes, we at Tedco guarantee 100% placement for students in both national and international industries. Tedco even allows its students to work at popular hotels in its industrial training program for a certain time span.

Why choose baking courses at Tedco?

Some reasons to choose the baking courses at Tedco are:

  • Our courses speak of international standards preparing students for their careers abroad.
  • Tedco also offers international standard certificates to students completing its baking courses.
Where are you located?

Tedco School of Culinary Arts is one of the most popular baking and patisserie institutes in Delhi. We are into offering world-class quality baking and patisserie classes that further enable students to share their culinary skills. We are placed right in the heart of the city.

Our Courses

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Diploma in Culinary Arts

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Online Professional Chef Diploma

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Hobby Course in Western Cuisine

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