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Learn Baking from Tedco Education and Open Your Dream Baking Shop

Want to bake delicious cakes? Do you dream of becoming a professional baker? Then, we have the best training for you. Our training modules will help you become the best professional baker in the industry. After completing the course from the top-rated Baking School in Delhi, you can join a five or 7-star hotel to learn industry experience.

Well, to start with, you may love baking as a passion. But, to turn your passion into the profession, you have to know that it is science. You need to understand the exact measurement, weight to achieve that perfect spongy and fluffy cake. For that crunchy feel of the biscuit, you have to follow the exact ratio of ingredients.

If any single ingredient is more or less, then it turns out to be a mess. We at our baking school teach the students how to bring all the ingredients to one place in exact measurement and ratio and bake that perfect cake for your guests or customers.

The scary part of all beginner bakers is the oven. You can lie with ingredients, but the oven does not. If the cake comes out great, it means your ingredients are all in proportion. If not, then you mess with the ratio of the ingredients. At our Baking School in Connaught Place, we teach our students how to learn in-depth baking.

Our Training Modules

  • We teach how to start and finish baking with baking products
  • We teach how to prepare puddings and cold desserts from start to finish
  • We also get them acquaint with the hospitality industry
  • We teach them to gain food safety while baking
  • We offer them how to maintain hospitality sustainability in the industry
  • We even teach them how to do the presentation of the food
  • We teach them to understand the workplace standard in the professional world
  • The students get to know how to plan the menu as per guests' requirements

Learn From Industry Experts about Baking Arts

Baking is a part of culinary. Under baking, you must know how to bake pizza, cake, pastry, pies and bread. You have to understand how an oven works in baking. Bakers have a sweet tooth, but they can prepare savory items too. They are smart enough to understand the ratio of both ingredients and prepare as per clients demands.

Want to become pâtissier? Then, we are happy to help you. Students may be interested in a particular item and want to carry forward the same to open their shop to sell the item. We value our students' dreams and teach them how to prepare a particular item and become master of it.

We Teach Techniques in Baking

  • Preparation of pan to know how to put flour or butter on the pan, so the food does not stick. 
  • Chocolate melting looks easy, but you have to practice how to melt it without losing its taste and even burning it.
  • For baking items, preparation, butter and sugar beating are important. We teach the technique in our school to learn how to make fluffy and do not overdo it.
  • Lime and lemon zest is a process, and it gives color to the dessert. We teach our students how to zest.
  • Sugar dusting is a process that students must learn to evenly spread over the cake or pastry and do not clump it on one side.
  • Dough kneading is the base of baking for a perfect cake or biscuit; kneading is a great process to learn. It should be perfect for making the final item flawless and mouth-watering.

Why Choose Us?

The certificate that we offer after completing the course gets worldwide recognition. Apart from theory and practical classes, we teach you through industrial training. We take our students to industry visits to at least four to five kitchens of reputed hotels.

It helps them to get an idea of how a real kitchen works. Reputed chefs, training managers, L&D managers, hospitality academicians and HR managers also come to our campus to meet with students and take classes. Students also get an opportunity to learn from live demo and workshops on cooking. We give our students 100% assistance if the students want to pursue an international career.


Fulfil your baking shop dream with Tedco Education. We are the Top Baking School in Delhi and always there to help our students in possible ways. We allow them to learn baking from scratch. Our industry experts help our students in every possible way. We are just a phone call away from any assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your French Patisserie Masterclass?

Tedco Baking School in Delhi NCR has collaborated with Chef Sahil Mehta, one of India's first and finest certified chocolate, pastry and bakery experts, to launch the French Patisserie Masterclass. This is a specifically designed course personally delivered by Chef Sahil Mehta.

What about the faculty at Tedco?

Our faculty at Tedco consists of industry experts who possess a lot of industry experience. They possess the qualities and the skills needed to prepare students for the challenges they need to face in their baking careers ahead.

What else do you offer apart from baking courses?

We also provide soft skills training, workforce skilling and customised corporate training. Our corporate cooperation only allows our students to work as apprentices and trainees in fine dining restaurants and hotels.

How do you develop your courses?

All the baking and patisserie courses developed at Tedco are designed in partnership with the international vocational training associated. Students who successfully complete our courses are eligible for competency certificates of world recognition.

What do I need to know about the Tedco School of Culinary Arts?

Tedco School of Culinary Arts is part of the Tedco Group, operating in the market for 30 years now. We provide short-term and long-term Diploma and Certificate programs in the fields of culinary arts and hospitality.

Is Baking Hard to Learn?

As we say that baking is science, you have to be careful with measurements and baking methods. It will help if you have the patience and time to bring out that excellent cake for your customers. If you are a creative person and wants to excel in your creativity in baking, then it is not hard to learn. Our coaching and training will help you become a professional baker.

Shall I Learn Methods of Baking?

If you want to become a professional baker, you must learn the four baking steps, and they are- creaming, then whisking, third is melting and finally rubbing. Creaming is the blending of butter and sugar until fully done. Whisking includes batter stir to give air to the batter. It helps in baking. The third step is melting, where you have to moist it, and it is an easy step among all the four methods. Rubbing is the final step and the hardest one where you use your fingers. It needs work, patience and skill. 

Is There Any Difference Between Chef & Baker?

Yes, the difference between the two is quite evident. Cook or cooking needs interpretation while they can improvise cooking. In baking, you need precision, and if you want to experiment or amend the ingredients, it has to be careful. Two recipes from scrambled eggs can be different. But two recipes of sweet cookies can be similar. Cooks are artists, and bakers are scientists.

Our Courses

Diploma in Culinary Arts

Diploma in Culinary Arts

Online Professional Chef Diploma

Online Professional Chef Diploma

Hobby Course in Western Cuisine

Hobby Course in Western Cuisine

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