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Go for Bakery Diploma and Pave Your Way towards a New Future

Bakery Diploma is a field where students are taught to deal with some of the most sophisticated confectionery and baking products like pies, sponges, biscuits, cookies, soufflé, pudding, chocolate, cakes and ice-cream. Training in this field is conducted by Chef Sahil Mehta at Tedco School of Culinary Arts.

We at Tedco train students with the necessary skills required in the bakery. We also help them in learning the techniques that can further assist them on their path of becoming entrepreneurs. The bakery sector comprises several large food products such as cakes, bread and biscuits. The industry stands at the second position in bringing in revenues among the processed food industries in India. Also, the industry is constantly expanding at a very fast pace despite the economic crisis.

The Tedco Group, which is a 30-year old private institution, has given birth to the Tedco School of Culinary Arts for all those who are passionate about baking and patisserie. The bakery diploma at Tedco is available for students looking to gain knowledge and skills in baking without taking a three-year degree course.

Bakery Diploma: Who Is It For?

The bakery diploma course is for students who love working in bakery and confectioneries. Our diploma course in bakery discusses a wide variety of topics in relation to pastries and baking. Based on the course, the diploma might touch on varied generalities and delve into varied topics as well. Class focus includes measuring basics, bread baking, cake decoration, menu planning, pastry design and chocolate making. There are other topics also covered, and these include cost control, sanitation, nutrition and bakery management.

Candidates taking up a baking diploma at our institute develop good organizational skills. These skills further help them in keeping their work areas neatly arranged. We also offer problem-solving and analytical skills to our students that can help them earn high salaries. Careers available for candidates completing their bakery diploma with us can greatly vary depending on their capability and experience. Additional academic performance and credits can prove to be beneficial for the students.

With us, you can expect to serve job titles like the caterer, artisan bread baker, chocolatier, cake designer, pastry chef and baking assistant. Not only this, there are other additional advantages and opportunities for the students in the entrepreneurial or business background. In this section, the titles might include kitchen manager, bakery owner, pastry developer and baking teacher. So, students who have this keen interest in starting a career in baking can start looking for diploma courses available from Tedco Education. We have got our students covered with everything starting from international to local programs. Simply search for the right baking programs with us, and we will help you reach great heights of success. And that too in no time at all.

Diploma in Bakery: Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for students who want to take up a diploma in the bakery at Tedco requires them to be 12th Pass with good command over English language

Getting Admission to Tedco for a Diploma in Bakery is a Big Deal

Some tips that can help you in getting admission in Tedco for pursuing a diploma in bakery include:

  • Students should have their focus on academics, and they must score good marks.
  • They must make it a point to choose different extra curriculum subjects for boosting their skills and even chances of getting admission.
  • Students should also work on improving their attitude, personality and even body language.
  • They must integrate their interest and get hold of the best out of them for pursuing their future.
  • Students should also prepare for college essays and personal interviews for testing their skills.

Why Study Bakery Diploma from Tedco Education?

Our bakery diploma program envisages providing students with basic knowledge about the functioning of the baking industry. Students looking to make it big in the field of bakery and confectionery can always go for our bakery diploma course. It is a highly lucrative scope for enhancing their talent and skills. By applying the different skills we teach them to the field of bakery, candidates can get an in-depth understanding of the subject. They can also expand their understanding related to the culinary art of confectionery and bakery.

We not only render basic knowledge of the bakery program to the students but also impart their good skills in creativity and communication. Our bakery diploma curriculum is specifically designed in a way wherein students get an understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.

Topics covered are the study of products used in confectionery and bakery; the procedures undertook; composition; selection; functions of different ingredients, and their reactions. Basic knowledge of heating and baking, freezing, refrigeration and chilling along with the interaction of elements is also provided.


Tedco’s bakery diploma program is the best mainly because it will help you stay in demand and enjoy the ever-growing demand for professional chefs and bakers in the industry. And yes, nothing can stop you from getting a high pay scale job if you undertake and complete the diploma program religiously.

You have the option of becoming an entrepreneur or even a teacher once you complete the course. Our students get some of the best opportunities in the confectionery and bakery sector both on a national and international level.

So, are you ready to become an artisan baker, head baker, bread baker, apprentice baker, manager, assistant baker, pastry chef, decorator, and maintenance manager or bakery specialist? If yes, then you must definitely have your hands on our bakery diploma, which will not only help you work on these job profiles but will also get you a good income.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are available careers after the course?

Available careers after the bakery diploma course at Tedco include artisan bread baker, caterer, cake designer, chocolatier, baking assistant and pastry chef.

What are the benefits of taking the bakery diploma at Tedco?

Students taking up bakery-diploma at Tedco learn top quality organisational skills that further help them arrange their work areas in the neatest way possible. The students also gain analytical and problem-solving skills that can assist them in making huge amounts of money.

What is the class focus of the bakery diploma at Tedco?

The class focus of the bakery diploma at Tedco includes bread baking, measuring basics, menu planning, cake decoration, chocolate making and pastry design. Cost control, nutrition, bakery management and sanitation are the other topics covered.

Who is the bakery diploma at Tedco for?

The bakery diploma at Tedco is for students who find it very interesting to work in confectioneries and bakeries. Our bakery diploma course discusses different topics related to baking and pastries.

Why take the bakery diploma at Tedco?

Taking up the bakery diploma at Tedco will be a good idea for you because it will teach you the right way of dealing with some of the most sophisticated baking and confectionery products such as sponges, pies, cookies, biscuits, pudding, soufflé, ice-cream, cakes and chocolates.

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