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Bakery Courses & Training to Take You to New Heights of Success

Baked goods are not only delicious, but they also make great gifts. Nevertheless, you need to put good thought into them, so the gifting idea is executed correctly.

Baking is not just a job but a tradition that has been an integral part of India for ages. It brings people together and is a means of sharing quality time with friends and family.

It will be an underestimation to view baking as the easy-to-go cousin of cooking. It is basically a thoughtful art and exact science that feels like experimentation for beginners.

Regardless of whether you are looking to make macaroons, cakes, bread or almost anything, the only way you can learn it is by making it on your own.

Baking is an art that takes varied forms. From simple, home-based recipes to complex layer cakes, there are many versions of this art that you need to learn. And this is where the role of a bakery institute like Tedco comes into effective play.

Explore Goodrich Tedco School of Bakery Arts’s Selection of Bakery Courses

Looking for that perfect recipe that will help you share kitchen creations with near and dear ones? How about exploring our selection of bakery courses & training. We are a part of the Tedco Group, which is a 30-year old institution.

Right from our inception almost 5 years ago, we have been dealing in certificate and diploma courses in Patisserie and Culinary Arts. With us, you can confidently take the next step towards baking.

Our skillshare courses and training in the bakery will help you take your creative instincts to a completely new level. And yes, you will also be able to learn, bake, decorate and cook up new ideas in the field.

Starting from fresh pastries and bread to homemade desserts, cakes and cookies, with our courses, you can easily find an assortment of baking topics and recipes to follow and learn from. Our baking courses have got everything covered for both experienced bakers and beginners into baking.

From piping flowers to choosing flours, you get to learn from skilled pastry chefs and talented bakers about the basics that can offer you the confidence of doing more than simply following recipes.

Learn Baking from Goodrich Tedco School of Bakery Arts and Make Your Own Recipes

Tedco, the Institute of Bakery and Pastry Arts, will help you bring great artistry to the recipe designs you make. With us, you can even get hands-on experience in completing and sharing some of the most delicious and wonderful baking assignments.

Our bakery training institute is completely different from the other institutes in that all our courses are delivered in close coordination with International vocational training partners. Not to forget, we provide internationally recognized competency certificates.

Along with this, students completing their bakery training with us also avail soft skills training, workforce skilling and fully customized training solutions. The corporate partnerships of our brand help students in working as trainees and apprentices in fine dining restaurants and hotels. This way, they get to experience real work scenarios.

Training students in the field of the bakery is not the only objective served at Tedco. We make sure that our candidates and placed in popular organizations both in the country and abroad. You might be passionate about baking, but once you join hands with us, you will be a professional baker with all the important knowledge under your belt.

Benefits of Studying at Tedco The Institute Offering Bakery Training Near Me

The best and the most beneficial thing about taking bakery training at our institute is that you are trained under the quality hands of the first certified pastry, chocolate and bakery expert in India- Chef Sahil Mehta.

Having completed his education from L’cole Internationale de Sevres, the most popular school in Paris, Mehta went on to graduate in hotel management from Santos Dumont Paris. Lenotre ( Harvard of bakery schools) and 3 Michelin Alain Ducasse institute are some prestigious institutions where Sahil Mehta.

Chef Sahil Mehta has worked at various reputed institutions and is considered the pioneer in bringing a great change in the pasty making and bakery scene in Delhi. Stand alone bakeries, set up by Sahil Mehta, are an example of great craftsmanship.

Thus, you can completely depend on Tedco when it comes to getting an assortment of specifically designed pastry and bakery courses. Our bakery training programs are specially designed for the ones looking to take up hobby chef education to satiate their love for baking and patisserie.

Our bakery training courses cover a wide choice of recipes which include learning the fundamentals of chocolate making, patisserie and baking. All this and more under the superb guidance of Chef Sahil Mehta. We also help our students in mastering the most complicated baking procedures and contemporary desserts.The main concept of our bakery courses and training is not just teaching and honing your baking and pastry techniques. It is also about providing hands-on and extensive training that focuses on the culinary science behind the dishes prepared. It also involves sharing different activities and coming up with a delicious result.

Our overall objective is to allow candidates to gain good exposure in environments and kitchens that are not just modern but professionally styled. This further goes on to enhance their talent and helps them in setting up successful bakery businesses.

So, what is it that you are waiting for? If you have completed your Class 12, which is the eligibility criteria for taking up bakery courses and training at Tedco, you can easily enroll on our baking classes.


The baking skills we render to our students will definitely help them in being quick on their way to opening their very own bakery establishments and professional kitchens.

So, there’s no waiting at all. Tedco is right here to help you achieve your dream of being a baker or setting up a baking business that brings you good money.

What’s your say? Are you willing enough to go with the course? Decide and then take the right step forward. Good Luck!

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